For Farm Owners

Today, a progressive dairy producer faces a lot of challenges in day-to-day operations that directly affect the profitability of the dairy farm. Some challenges are external, such as weather conditions, forage prices or the political situation in the country.

In contrast, a number of aspects controlled at the farm level also directly affect the profit of the dairy farm. These internal aspects include farm management, veterinary service, availability of trained staff, animal health and welfare, reproductive efficiency, milk production, feed efficiency, etc. Managing these internal aspects properly can lead to an enormous improvement in the quality and quantity of milk produced, and thus improved financial returns!

In order to take your dairy farm to a high level of productivity and profitability, several areas of expertise will be addressed by DairyXL:

  • Overall dairy herd management
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Milk quality
  • Calf rearing expertise
  • Nutrition and animal feeding
  • Veterinarian medicine practices
  • HR services
  • Farm structure and labor efficiency
  • Laboratory development and uses for on farm animal health and bio security
  • Local workforce training with a focus on sustainability
  • Improved milk production efficiency and feed efficiency
  • Dairy profitability
  • Final end product integrity

In order to establish base lines for current performance indicators, and to determine the extent of service to be recommended, you will go through a due diligence ‘audit’ by DairyXL experts.

Together with DairyXL, you will define the team that would be needed on the farm. A typical team would be a minimum of 2-3 DairyXL staff: Manager, animal health manager or veterinarian, and a translator, if necessary. Of course different options and a multitude of scenarios are possible to create the best fit for each dairy operation.

For Farm Owners - DairyXL